We shape the world and the world shapes us. In a world increasingly characterized by extreme change and uncertainty, where technology, big data and digitalization will continue to play an increasing role in business and society, the discussion is often focused on what is the future of work.

Equally important is to consider what is the impact on leadership. Many leaders today find it increasingly difficult to navigate. Traditional leadership models based on an industrial or knowledge worker era are quickly becoming less relevant or obsolete.

The pressing issues facing leaders and organizations today are paradoxical, systemic and interconnected. They are not a set of problems, but a system of economic, technological, societal, ethical and cultural challenges – all conjoined and hence complex. As leaders, we will need to change the way we lead, learn, think and behave to keep pace with this fast-changing environment.

In accord with the common missions of The IME foundation and T Innovation Centre Denmark, ICDK together with you, we will explore what are the challenges faced by leaders of the future, and what skills will be necessary to succeed in times of extreme change and uncertainty.


Who should join the Journey

The program is for leaders who want to positively influence the state of the world and explore the boundaries of the unknown, impossible and unimaginable. The journey will expose you to new ways of working, learning, living, innovating and leading.

You are a business owner or a leader in either a public or private organization or NGO. Titles are less import than life and leadership experiences and an open mindset. You will be highly involved in shaping the journey and it is expected that you take responsibility for your own learning and commit to sharing your perspectives and knowledge with others.As a curious and reflective person, you find it interesting to explore important questions in life and influence how business, organizations and causes can make a positive impact in society. These might be some of the questions on your mind:

  • What does the world demand from you as a human being and leader?
  • How can you leave a positive legacy for future generations?
  • Which virtues and ethical principles are needed in society today?
  • What does it take for you to thrive and stay relevant in the 21st century?
  • What stands in the way of systemic change in society?
  • How do you reinvent yourself?
  • How will megatrends influence the world and the life of our children?
  • How do you effectively change your mindset and adapt to shifting contexts?How do we tackle the world’s big issues like climate change and population growth?
  • How are our lives, behaviors and organizations being influenced by new technologies?
  • Is a new leadership model needed to address the challenges of the future?
  • Is there a limit to infinite growth in a finite world?

If you are someone who contemplates and interrogates these questions or desire to do so, then join us on this journey to discover the future of leadership!


Program description

The program is unlike any traditional development program. It is a global place of conversation where a limited and diverse group of participants will be exploring questions on the future of leadership. Focus will be on not creating an institutional perspective but on creating a global atmosphere for dialogue and inspiration with particular focus on facilitating a learning and exploratory process.  It can better be described as a quest, seeking questions around the future of decision making, influence and clout, in short leadership. Not just within a business context, but on a wider scale:

It is not an executive course where experts take a traditional teaching approach to sharing their knowledge or areas of expertise; it is a collaboration of peers being inspired by world class facilitators, each other and the overall contents and context we are in.

It is not business tourism where you travel to destinations and observe from a safe distance; it is an immersion into the most urgent themes of leadership and the geographical places where they unfold and shape the rest of the world.

It is not a workshop focused on content delivery and learning pre-determined skills; it is a guided exploration through facilitation on discovering the questions of leadership as seen from your individual role as a leader and collectively as a group.

It is not a think tank where a group of experts present you to closed problems with given answers and advice on the future; it is a dialogue among a diverse and committed group of peers, decision makers, influencers and change agents raising questions on the future of leadership. 

It is not a program where each day covers a certain curriculum and must-have knowledge or skills;  it is a learning quest where curiosity and energy guides us through a variety of topics brought to the table by facilitators and participants alike.

Program description


You will not leave this program with the answers to all your questions. Actually, you may leave with more questions then when you arrived. You will not leave the program without confusion. You may actually leave more confused, as the saying goes, albeit on a higher level. What you will gain is an ability to balance complex questions where the answers may not be straight forward. You will gain the ability to use the energy of confusion in a proactive rather than a reactive way. In short, we aim to work with you and all other participants on co-creating a mindset in all of us,  that will enable us to deal with the changes of the times in an ongoing manner, in the aftermath and not just during the workshop.

You will formulate your own paper on your personal, professional and organisational outcome, to hopefully supplement the outcome you have already applied in your professional, organisational, personal and private life. Furthermore, you will be the co-author of a collaborative document chronicling the groups formative experience and key infights not only as written by a journalist, but also in a varied way of of artistic expression.

You will have shared, if you so choose, a formative experience with a diverse group of people that will form the basis of a lasting global network of leaders, if you so choose!