We shape the world and the world shapes us.

In a world increasingly characterized by extreme change and uncertainty, where technology, big data and digitalization will continue to play an increasing role in business and society, the discussion is often focused on what is the future of work.

Equally important is to consider what is the impact on leadership. Traditional leadership models based on an industrial or knowledge worker era will become less relevant or obsolete.

In line with the common missions of the IME foundation and Danish Foreign Ministries Innovation Centers (IC), will seek to explore what are the challenges leaders of the future will be faced with and what skills will be necessary to succeed as a leader in a VUCA world.

The future of work project mentioned – it is a part of something bigger.

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Innovation Centre Denmark

Silicon Valley is the world’s leading place for innovation and high tech and has a unique ecosystem consisting of capital, world-class universities and industries. Innovation Center Denmark is your gateway to Silicon Valley.

The mission of Innovation Center Denmark is to build bridges between research institutions, companies and capital in Denmark and Silicon Valley; accelerate the entry of Danish companies into Silicon Valley; promote US investments in Denmark; and facilitate research cooperation and provide inspiration to help drive innovation in Denmark. 


The IME foundation was established in 1994 by “Aarhus Købmandsskole” with the purpose of  providing leaders with the skills necessary to succeed in a globalized world, through courses and formal education. Shortly after, a cooperation with Henley Business School in the UK was established, and since has graduated over 1500 Executive MBA’s in Denmark. Also, offering leadership development and courses on the IME brand platform.

IME’s Mission -  "Stay Curious”
A Nordic business Foundation dedicated to empowering the curious leader on their personal learning journey towards continued relevance in a globalized world