If management is what is requested, then education, skill and competencies suffice. However, that is not leadership. 

About Anners Abild

Born and raised on a three-generation farm with 500 years of history, hobbies and spare time have always been imaginary constructs to contemplate between chores. It still is today, where I find it exceedingly difficult to engage in anything that does not have real purpose.  So, for me understanding, establishing, asking for, demanding or creating meaning is an imperative. 

Anners Abild

Work experience

The work I do is mostly towards establishing meaning and purpose for individuals, groups of leaders, the organization or the business. I coach/ mentor/facilitate this with senior executives, groups of executives or key talents and decision makers in organizations that seem to have lost their zest, drive or purpose. In doing so I am eclectic, not method or ideology bound. I combine my degree in languages and economics and my degree in psychology, with a very pragmatic approach. Whatever works is what counts. 

My work with global companies has taken me around northern, central, southern and east Europe, Africa, Asia, northern and central America. I cooperate with networks of equal minded that run their own outfits or directly with my own clients. I am a senior partner in a small boutique firm that specializes in leadership development of the top 3-5% in global companies. Further I have the privilege to work for and with executive development for IMD, DUKE and Harvard Executive Education.


To name a few and recent but representative clients;

  • Beiersdorf
  • Bertellsmann
  • Danisco
  • Dong
  • Frezenius
  • Grundfos
  • Maersk
  • Mahindra&Mahindra
  • Nokia
  • PWC
  • Swarowski
  • ThyssenKrupp. 

Firm belief

Last let me state my firm belief that if management is what is requested, then education, skill and competencies suffice. However, that is not leadership. If our endeavour is to create movement beyond driving for results, bottom line or satisfying shareholders, then we must understand our own direction first, before setting these to others. 


Cross cultural psychology, leadership training of Senior Executives and key talent.