We are drawn to leaders who have a strong sense of purpose, something we can all get behind and believe in.

About Fiona Campbell

I was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in South Africa when my parents decided to leave Africa for a life less ordinary and travel the world on a sail boat. Over 7 years I had a wonderfully unconventional up-bringing that allowed me to experience different ways of life, new languages, and diverse cultures. I quickly learnt to embrace change and adapt to new scenarios. Being the "new kid on the block" in almost every situation meant I had to be clear about who I was, what I stood for, and what was important to me as I transcended most people's stereotypes of what I should be. What I didn't realise then that I know now was how valuable this childhood experience would become.

Fiona Campell

My philosophy

These formative years have shaped my philosophy today. I am compelled to help leaders in  organisations, whether its global corporates, social enterprises, independent start-ups or community non-profits, to find out who they really are, and to allow this internal anchor to ground them as they navigate today’s sea of complexity.

We are drawn to leaders who have a strong sense of purpose, something we can all get behind and believe in. My purpose is to help leaders find and stay connected to their purpose, to lead from within to effect positive change around them.

Work experience

I have done this over the last 20+ years through Executive Coaching, facilitation, team-based learning, and organizational development. I am an Organisational Psychologist who trained with the Gestalt Centre in London, Ashridge and Cranfield Management Schools, and had the pleasure to work alongside London Business School, INSEAD and MIT’s Presencing Institute. I enjoy bringing diverse methods to my clients that are fit for their purpose, by holding theories lightly and listening deeply to what individuals and organisations need.  Several of my most recent clients include PwC, MasterCard, Greenlight Re-Insurance, State Street Bank, as well as local family owned businesses.

My early years informed my thirst for experiencing life in different communities which still rings true today, consequently I have either worked or lived in every continent across the globe. Diversity stimulates creativity, which is a mindset I bring to my work.


Finally, I am passionate about approaching the individual as their whole self, and believe that in today’s world personal resilience is imperative. I believe that our internal condition as leaders directly correlates with our ability to be present with others. We need to be present to allow a new future to emerge, rather than repeating outdated patterns of thought. My experience as a Pilates instructor in the Virgin Islands, and working with our breath, complements my work, to help people connect to their physical self as a way to restore their energy remain present and stay true to their life’s purpose. 

Also, as a mother of two young girls, Georgia (age 7) and Rae (age 4), my family provide me with a constant source of learning and inspiration that continues to inform who I am and my life's work as a coach


  • Conscious and Responsible Leadership
  • Organizational and Leadership development
  • Resilience training
  • Systems-based change