Leadership in its essence is more about 'who you are', then about ‘what you do’. In the end we are 'human beings’ not 'human doings’……

About Jeroen Drontmann

31 years active a leadership transformation consultant and executive coach with a solid home base in Holland. With a deep passion to design and hold a space that feels safe, stretching and productive. I have worked in many different cultures, and what intrigues me is that all over the world people share a desire to express and receive more love, connection and affection, also in the workplace, where fear is very often still the biggest driver of behavior. Unlocking this potential makes my work meaningful.

Jeroen Drontmann

Work experience

25 years ago, in 1994, I founded Heartmatters. My passion is to connect people with themselves (bridging the head with the heart) and with each other. I published several articles and two books ('Personal Success' and 'Head meets Heart’) around this topic. My focus is on individual coaching and designing and delivering team journeys and leadership programs. I have delivered programs in the US, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.
Next to my independent practice I am a senior affiliate advisor with Aberkyn. Aberkyn is a community of change leadership facilitators. Our purpose is to develop leaders who improve the performance and health in their organizations and are a force for good in the world. Aberkyn is part of McKinsey & Company and delivers large scale transformations that require a change in both mindset and behavior.
I am also an associate with Leaders Quest. LQ is a social enterprise taking groups of global leaders in Quests to countries like India, Brazil, China and South Africa. A Quest helps them explore the world, understand global issues from other peoples’ perspectives, learn from inspiring people and re-examine purpose for themselves and their organization.
In addition to the above I have designed and co-produced the Heart@Work program which facilitates a collective search for core values and is produced in close cooperation with music, theatre, internal branding and communication specialists. 


I hold a University studied Law at the university of Leiden and did a post graduate in management consultancy at Amsterdam University. The small town of Heemstede in the Netherlands is home, where I live with my wife Edith. Together we have three kids Menno (30), Ewout (27) and Laura (23). I am passionate about working in different cultures, jogging, playing the piano/guitar and singing.