The learning philosophy of the Future of Leadership summits is based on the following six principles, all initiatives and learning processes in the program are built around these.


Practice First

Leadership is a discipline that must be trained and tested by practical action in everyday life. You will work with real life challenges in real time. This approach ensures that the learning journey is not only highly relevant and effective, but also focused on the practical application of a new mindset, skills and behaviours that you acquire in the process.

Systems Thinking

is an essential component of learning. The core idea that underlies a systems approach is that our world consists of interconnected systems, relationships and interactions. A systems perspective is an effective means for helping leaders gain an understanding of the underlying structures, skills, thinking and beliefs that shape themselves, their organisations and the surrounding society. System thinking is a method of critical thinking by which we analyse the relationships between a system's parts in order to understand complex situations and make wiser and more informed decisions.


true learning, contrary to affirmative learning, means being in a state of not knowing, situations being unpredictable, which will be invoking discomforts or slight fears.True empowerment is overcoming that fear, learning like a child and feeling empowered like a child.

Co-Creation and the quest for meaning

making sense of the world does not happen in individuals, creating meaning is a situated in a context. Transformational leadership is about a process of discovery, which emphasises that we learn as we go and get stronger as we gain experiences, collect insights and make decisions along the way. It assumes there is more than one right path, and no one person is smart enough to know which one is best.

Triple Loop Learning

Relates to our identity; who we are, what we should be focusing on, what we consider is the right thing to do. It works on perception and the permanent questioning of consistencies and inconsistencies, congruence and incongruences in our actions.Triple loop learning is about questioning underlying values and worldviews, reflecting on how we think and know, and learning about how we learn.

meaning making is an activity, where we strive to  understand such things as love through poetry, loyalty in all its complexity and purpose of our existence. That is where we come to understand…Mona Lisa’s smile, Einstein and his Relativity Theory, Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn and the Danish in Danish Pastries. Triple loop is where we find ourselves in a more or less wordless reality, one of more dimensions then just right or wrong, good or bad etc.


An open mind has always been the prerogative for learning anything and for challenging the status of what is, but an inquisitive mind is more than that, it is a soul searching attitude, where one actively seeks out that which is of interest and puzzles your mind and your understanding of the universe. It is a pull instead of a tell, a question instead of an opinion. It is a calling as Reagan ones described it; “Humanity is that part of creation, which seeks to understand all of creation