Terms of registration

Terms of registration you need to accept in order to apply to the Future of Leadership program. Please read about payment methods, refunds and other information.


Last updated 19. March 2019

Organizer Contact Information

This website is operated by:

The Foundation for International Management Education (IME)
E-mail: info@futureofleaders.com
CVR: 17993631
Address: Fiolstræde 44, 2tv
København K, 1171
Phone: +45 70 10 50 05

TERMS OF SERVICE for registration to "The Future of Leadership" organized by IME registered via the website futureofleaders.com.

  1. General
    1. The organizer of this educational programme is IME (from here on known as "Organizer").
    2. The Registration agreement is made between you and the Organizer.
    3. This set of Terms of Registration (from here on known as "Terms") apply to the registration for the related program via futureofleaders.com.
    4. The Terms only apply to this particular program and the Terms for other programs or events (even from the same Organizer) may not necessarily be identical.
    5. The Terms includes important information about the Organizer and futureofleaders.com's processing of your personal data and we recommend that you closely go through the Terms.
    6. The Terms must be read and accepted by checking a check box intended for this purpose.
  2. Registration
    1. Registration to the program is done at futureofleaders.com.
    2. Registration to the program is closed on May 1, 2019 at 2:00 AM.
  3. Payment 
    1. When registration is completed you will receive a confirmation in your email inbox with information about the program you will be attending. 
    2. You will hereafter receive two invoices and an email with the receipt as soon as you have paid for the program.
      1. 50% payment: 14 days after time of acceptance of the program 
      2. 50% payment: 30 days before start 
    3. The Organizer are able to refuse access to the workshopdays unless the receipt is shown when arriving at any of the workshopdays.
  4. Changes made by the Organizer
    1. After registration for an event it may unfortunately be necessary for the Organizer to cancel or change details about the event. This may be (but is not limited to) sudden illness among the involved people, weather conditions or similar situations that may make the event impossible or difficult to conduct.
    2. The Organizer will as much as possible keep you informed about changes via email and as soon as possible. The Organizer reserves the right to:
      1. Change the time of any of the workshopdays with up to 2 hours compared to the original start time.
      2. Change the date of the workshopdays if the alternative was to cancel it. This may be due to illness or similar unforeseen circumstances. In accordance with article 4.1.
      3. Change the location of workshopdays, for instance due to a lower number of attendees than expected. The new location, however, should be within 30 km. of the original location.
      4. Change the specific content of the workshopdays, however, only so that the original purpose of the program is still attainable.
      5. Complete the program with other performers than originally planned if the originally planned performer(s) are prevented from participating.
    3. The Organizer can not be held liable to losses suffered due to the changes made, since the Organizer has already reserved the right to make these changes.
  5. Changes made by the participant
    1. After registration has been completed: 
      1. Cancellation of the  to the programme is possible up until April 24, 2019 at 2:00 PM 
      2. Corrections in your registration is not possible.
  6. Responsibility of the Organizer
    1. The Organizer are responsible to you in any cases regarding the program.
    2. The Organizer's responsibility to you is, however, limited to the price of the admission.
    3. The Organizer is solely economically responsible to you in the case that the programme is cancelled. Bankruptcy of any or both the Organizer is not considered cancellation of the programme. Any disagreements or claims is a matter between you and the Organizer.
  7. Changes made to the Terms of Registration
    1. After a registration is completed, the Terms for that particular event cannot be changed unless the change is in your favor.
    2. These Terms apply only to this particular programme, and you are encouraged to read them in full.
    3. The Terms only apply to this particular programme and the Terms for other prograsm and events (even from the same Organizer) may not necessarily be identical.